About "Fiction and Fantasy"

Howdy howdy. Welcome to the madness that is the mind of writer Jeannette Jonic.

(That's meeeee.)

This is my personal writer's blog, so you'll see a very random collection of things here ranging from story excerpts to glimpses into my writing process to my philosophical thoughts on life. You'll also find my movie/video game/TV show reviews, analyses of themes/plots/characters, and more!

What you CAN expect for sure is that almost everything will have to do with fiction--writing it, reading it, seeing it, breathing it. And you'll get to enjoy all my obnoxious quirks along the way.

(And sarcasm. I love sarcasm. And parenthetical comments. Love those too.)

Fantasy fiction of the Inklings variety is my first love and forte. However, I have a passion for telling and hearing just about any good story, whether it be through books, movies, shows, video games, or even roleplays (I'm big into that).

My current major project is a high fantasy trilogy called The Victor's Blade.
  • Want to check out some excerpts of it?
  • Oh, not that committed yet? Maybe you just want to know more about it. You can check out a brief description here. Or, if you're curious how the project got started, click here.
  • Or maybe you just want to see some behind-the-scenes glimpses into the insanity of my writing process? I've got it all.
If you're thirsting for some more random details about me (and how I use Blogger, I suppose), you can check out my Blogger profile here.

And you can always contact me directly at my personal email, Emarella@gmail.com, or my professional email at JeannetteJonic@gmail.com.