About "Fiction and Fantasy"

Howdy howdy. Welcome to the madness that is the mind of writer Jeannette Jonic.

(That's meeeee.)

This is my personal writer's blog, so you'll see a collection of things here ranging from story excerpts to glimpses into my writing process to my philosophical (random) thoughts on life. You'll also find my movie/video game/TV show reviews, analyses of themes/plots/characters, play-by-plays of video games, and more!

Fantasy fiction of the Inklings variety is my first love and forte. However, I have a passion for telling and hearing just about any good story, whether it be through a book, movie, TV show, video game, or roleplay.

My current major project is a fantasy fiction trilogy called The Victor's Blade.
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  • Or maybe you just want to see some behind-the-scenes glimpses into the insanity of my writing process?
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Or contact me directly at JeannetteJonic@gmail.com.